Our Approach

In a non-judgmental environment, rich with respect for the human condition, I aim to assist people to live the life they want to live and be who they truly are with courage, integrity, and passion. I believe that everything we feel, think and do, makes sense if we take the time  to explore ourselves honestly and in context. And I believe that there  is nothing more liberating, courageous, and satisfying than knowing and  embracing our true self and then sharing that true self with those that  we love, confidently and with pride. 


I applaud individuals and couples who take the step to see a counselor or  therapist. That requires a great deal of inner strength. Opening up about your genuine thoughts and feelings for fear of shame, guilt, anxiety, or embarrassment can be very difficult. You might be frightened  about who you’ll discover or that the people you love would reject you if they really knew you. I believe that successful counselling requires a  collaborative approach. And so, while I do have extensive education and training, I do not take the expert approach. In other words, I don’t tell you what you want from therapy. Nobody knows that but you! But if  you are feeling lost or stuck and don’t know where to start, I can help you figure out what might be most helpful and where to begin the therapeutic process. 

And because I believe that effective counselling and therapy requires a  collaborative approach, I am open to feedback from clients at all times. I do not become anxious or upset when I hear that something isn’t working for you. I welcome that feedback and will work with you to find another approach to therapy. I believe that successful outcomes in therapy depend on the quality of the counselor-client relationship. Our relationship is central to therapy. 

My experience and training provide a foundation for developing a meaningful connection with you. I often tell my clients that trust takes time to build and so, in counselling or therapy, we will move along at a pace that they are  comfortable with. Then I give them one caution that successful counselling and therapy will usually require that I ask some challenging questions. But over the course of our therapy you will learn many skills such as Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance skills, Willing vs Willfulness, and Problem Solving skills.