Shahrzad Nemati is an exceptional therapist with over two decades of experience. She was born and grew up in Iran, where she graduated from university in Clinical Psychology.

Shahrzad’s self-confidence, knowledge of  trauma and social justice and, work experience was significantly expanded when completed Assaulted Women and Children Counselor/Advocate and the Advanced Counselling programs in Toronto. Wanting a deeper  understanding of the issues facing clients and how they are impacted by those issues, Shahrzad pursued a Bachelor degree, later completed Master’s degree in Social Work.

Shahrzad knows several  therapeutic techniques such as CBT, DBT and Mindfulness (in two languages; Farsi and English) that makes her an expert on helping her clients in the best and most efficient way possible. 

Shahrzad believes that each person is unique and knows that one therapy might not be the best for the client. She will work endlessly to find the best  therapy that works for you.